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The Panorama Route

Drive along the Panorama Route (Rv613) through the changing, beautiful and wild scenery of the

Nordsida area. The road goes at varying heights above the Nordfjord, from 0 to around 500 metres

above sea level providing unique views over the mountains, fjord and pleasant rural communities.




A unique collection of cultural monuments linked together in a cultural pathway

is to be found at Ulvedal. This pathway goes through beautiful scenery and includes

a grinding-mill valley with seven restored grinding mills, a "vetestova" - a thousand

year old guardroom etc.




The viewing point for the Nos precipice lies right next to the main road.

From here, you can see 500 m right down to the fjord and you get a fantastic

view westwards to the Ålfot glacier, among other things.



Near the end of the road, at Randabygd, runs the river Tvinna, which has given its name to the

Tvinnereim farm. The river throws itself off a mountain that has an overhang, creating the

Tvinnefoss waterfall. Behind this waterfall lies a road that was often used in the old days.

From here, you can experience a fantastic interplay of water, light and colours,

accompanied by the roar of the waterfall. This is a rare experience.




Hopland and

Midsummer Day at Hopland

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